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Do you love colour but aren’t sure how to choose the right colours for your home?

Have your previous decorating efforts produced bland results?

Would you like an ‘insider’s guide’ to choosing colours that work both in your home and your life?

Colour is an essential element in any kind of design – just look the immediate reaction you have when walking into a striking room, good or bad. But it’s not simply a question of decoration, as colour affects us on several levels – it changes moods, creates joy, builds our energy!

Bye Bye Bland demystifies colour and provides a step-by-step process to help aspiring home decorators create a home that’s anything but bland. Not only will you enjoy the process of learning how to decorate with colour, but you’ll also gain a great sense of achievement from creating a home with unique style that you’ll love living in.

Let your creative journey begin now!

About the author

Often called ‘the colour lady’, Judith Briggs has had a lifelong fascination with colour. Her curiosity has let her to delve deeply into all things colour related and she loves to share her extensive colour knowledge.

Judith’s mission is to inspire people to get in touch with their colour personality and confidently bring the joy of colour into their homes and lives. Rather than living in bland and boring spaces, Judith believes there’s never been a better time to embrace colour and benefit from the value it brings not only aesthetically, but also to our physical and mental wellbeing.

Noticing people’s growing fear of using colour, and their increasingly bland or neutral choices, Judith was motivated to write Bye Bye Bland. She wanted to inspire people to become more confident and adventurous with colour, so they can create living spaces with personality.

Judith believes our home is our reward for a hard day’s work. Coming home to one that resonates with us, that we feel at peace in, is nothing less than we deserve.

Judith is a true holistic designer with an optimistic, can-do attitude, which
enables her to successfully communicate her ideas and inspire others.
prue royle, founding director, the international school of colour & design