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Judith Briggs has run a successful colour design consultancy in Sydney Australia since 2001, consulting to clients who are renovating or building a new home. She undertook her two year Diploma in colour and design at the International School of Colour and Design in Sydney prior to commencing her business, Colour Consultants Australia Pty Ltd. Judith continues to expand her colour knowledge by attending national and international colour conferences and events.

Judith’s earlier career included roles in advertising, marketing, publishing and sales. All of these were colour and design related and Judith has a broad knowledge of the use of colour in graphics and print, along with the psychology of branding.

Having held a number of committee positions for the Colour Society of Australia over the past six years, Judith is currently the National Vice President. Over the years, she has also been a keynote speaker on colour at various national and international conferences and design industry events.

Judith’s mission is to inspire people to get in touch with their colour personality and confidently bring the joy of colour in their homes and their lives. Rather than living in bland and boring spaces, Judith believes there has never been a better time to embrace colour and benefit from the value it brings not only aesthetically, but also to our physical and mental wellbeing.


Often fondly referred to as ‘the colour lady’, Judith has had a lifelong fascination with colour. Her curiosity has led her to delve deeply into all things colour related and she loves to share her extensive colour knowledge, as any maven would.

Noticing that many people are becoming increasingly more afraid of using colour and things were becoming blander or neutral, Judith was motivated to write Bye Bye Bland. She wanted to inspire people to become more confident with colour, so they can use it to create unique homes with personality. Judith believes our home is a reward for a hard day’s work. Coming home to one that restores us and we feel at peace in, is nothing less than we deserve.